Thank you for visiting!  I am a multifaceted person who works well under pressure, doesn’t miss deadlines and works well in collaborative environments.  Before venturing into digital media and marketing, I was a stage performer – a “triple threat,” if you will – and I gleaned skills in communication, psychology and problem solving that I still use to this day.  I have a knack for finding ways of improving day-to-day workflows, designs and other inefficiencies.  

My personality is an ENTP and I am outgoing and visionary, while subconsiously working out details on how to move forward in the most effective way possible.  I connect with coworkers when in an office environment, making me approachable for helping inter-office tasks and providing me with a broader finger-on-the-pulse sense of where the company is.  

A few interesting things about me to break the ice:

  • I listen to classic rock, EDM and traditional Irish music
  • I love dogs but don’t own one yet
  • I enjoy restoring all kinds of things, like furniture or old computers