About Me

Hi, Thank you for visiting!  I am a multifaceted person who works well under pressure, doesn't miss deadlines and works well in collaborative environments.  Before venturing into digital media and marketing, I was a stage performer - a "triple threat," if you will - and I gleaned skills in communication,...

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Design 95%
Marketing 85%
Video 90%

My Services

Video Production

The media of today is in video.  To communicate to your audience clearly,...

Web Marketing

The window to your company is through its web presence.  When compared to...

Front End UI Design

Take your software interface to the next level with beautiful, effective UI design. ...

Set yourself apart from the competition

I'd love to learn more about your available positions and see how I can make a difference for your company.   Michael Black Digital Designer...

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My Work Experience

UI Design

As a UI designer at DART Chart, I researched user experience and created a powerful...

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Content Creation

As our dedicated creative, I designed all materials, including brochures, website changes, trade show materials,...

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Thanks again for visiting!  If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me.